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How to do SAI VRAT

Sai Baba appeared as a young lad of sixteen years under the neem tree in shirdi

       Saibaba incarnated in this world of mundane existence to uplift the poor and suffering mankind with the earth as his mother and holy supreme as his father.

          Saints don’t belong to any cast or religion. There noble mission is to spread compassion, peace and guide the humanity to salvation. He the ocean of mercy told that god is one and guided his devotees to realize this immense truth. He advised that because the past was imperfect and future is uncertain, we must not spoil perfect present. His two mantras were Faith and Perseverance, what is wanted on our part is whole hearted devotion to him.

          When devotee has got firm faith and devotion his wishes are soon fulfilled. Devotion to sai should brightly burn in our hearts like the eternal fire dhuni of sai. We should listen to our inner self and immersed in the devotion of sai as a bee in sweet smelling lotus.

                Sai asked his devotees not to search outside, because God is very much within Us.

          Whoever has got complete and whole hearted devotion to sai baba, will have his dangers and calamities warded off and his welfare will be attended by baba. Sai has assured his devotees that he will always stand by his devotees at the time if crises and the devotees will certainly experience his presence and sai will take the favorite form of his devotee to bless his children.

        Sai is ever indebted to one who surrenders his body, soul and wealth. If we cast our burden on him, he bears it for us.

       Whenever there is a decay of dharma, and an ascendancy of unrighteousness, god manifests himself. For the protection of the virtuous, the destruction of vicious and establishment of righteousness, god incarnates in this world age after age.

           Saibaba of shirdi is one these incarnations. Devotion to sai is the powerful magnet which attracts crores of people.

              Nobody know his caste or religion. He sang quranic verses beautifully at the same time verse quoted from hindu scriptures. He acted as unique bond between hindus and muslims.

        Sai gave wonderful vision to his devotees in form of their favorite deites. Fortunate devotees were bless with the vision of vittal, shiva, ram and Krishna. And by taking sai’s form he delighted many devotees in there dreams

            Even today many tears after leaving his earthly body, his devotees experience sai baba’s holy spirit relieving them out of there miseries.

                Nobody can count the miracles baba performed during his life time.

         Spiritual magnetism of sai sill attracts his devotees, and when devotee cries with despire  and distress, baba wipes his tears and the devotee experiences merciful help at the time o

                                         Saibaba is God

                1. This vrat can be observed by anyone (men, women and kids).

2. This vrat can be observed by person of any caste and religion.

3. Sincere faith and devotion while observing this vrat yields miraculous results.

4. This vrat should be started on a Thursday with a sincere prayer to sai to get desire and wish fulfilled.

5. Puja can be performed on morning or evening. Place a wooden board (asan) and spread a small yellow cloth on the asan and keep sai baba’s photo on it. Wipe the photo with aclean cloth and apply sandal paste and kumkum tilak on the sai’s forehead. Offer him a garland or flowers of yellow colour. Light a lamp and incense sticks in front of his photo and read the sai vrat story. Meditate and pray to him. Convey your wishes to him faithfully. Offer him holy food (naivedya). It can be anything like sugar candy, sweets, fruits. Distribute and partake the Prasad (consecrated food).

6. This vrat should be observed by taking food in form of fruits and liquids (like milk, coffee, tea) and sweets, or, the devotee can take food only once (lunch or dinner). This vrat should not be observed with empty stomach and remaining hungry.

7. If possible visit nearby sai mandir all the 9 Thursdays. If sai mandir is not nearby then puja can be done sincerely at home.

8. Even if devotees have to travel to other cities, this puja can be observed.

9. During the 9 Thursdays, due to menstrual cycle for ladies or for some other reasons, if not able to perform puja, skip that Thursday (don’t count it in 9 Thursdays) and perform the puja in the consecutive Thursday and complete 9 Thursdays.

                            Udyapanam (completion of vrat) rules

The vrat has to be completed with due formalities on 9th Thursday.

1. Feed 5 poor persons on 9th Thursday (according to capacity of devotee)

2. To spread the efficacies of this vrat distribute sai baba vrat books(5, 11 or 21) freely.

3. On 9th Thursday, place these books in puja so that receivers will also be blessed.

By following above rules if the vrat is observed and completed with due formalities, the devotee’s wish will certainly be fulfilled by sai’s grace.